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Magnolia Pharmacy – Satisfied Client since 2010

"With your consulting of many pharmacists like me, you know the true ups and downs of hiring  we go through. There are many tools and strategies for hiring and I wanted to let you know about a product that has had a dramatic impact on my hiring. The name of the tool is called Winslow Profiles and it allows you match a potential candidates personality profile to the position you are wanting to fill. I have also used an evaluation tool for my current key employees to build on their strengths and focus on weakness areas for improvement. We have been using this for the past year and it is very valuable."

               – Steve Hoffart, R.PH., owner of the Magnolia Pharmacy-Magnolia, Texas


CSP Information Group – Satisfied Client since 2008

"CSP Information Group has used Tony's Winslow Human Behavior Assessment tools, which I took myself back in 2008, and consulting services for the last 3+ years. The insight provided by the assessment tools is invaluable.  Tony truly understands employee development and the impact it has on profitability. The Winslow Assessments are a great tool that really works and it's backed up by Tony's superior customer service. The Winslow Assessment truly assists with employee development, maximizing the profitability of your organization as well as providing for improvements in recruitment and retention.  I highly recommend contacting Tony and determining how he and the Winslow system can help you improve the profitability of your business."

            – Kay Segal – Executive Vice President - CSP Information Group


Tom Feltenstein Satisfied Client since 2007

"I've known Tony for over 20 years. In 2007, after launching his Business Consulting Practice, we met to discuss his business plan and services offered. At which point I personally took his Winslow Human Behavior Assessment and was blown away at the accuracy and value the Winslow Reports™ provided. Having identified the Winslow Reports™ as an invaluable tool in distinguishing between employees who are "Turkeys vs. Eagles", I have used it on all my own employees and applicants and recommend all my clients test the service for themselves."

             – Tom Feltenstein - Marketing Visionary - Keynote Speaker - Motivational Trainer - Best Selling Author


Satisfied Client - Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club

"Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club has used Tony's Winslow Human Behavior Assessment tools and consulting services since July 2010.  I initially had a few members of our executive team, including myself, take the assessment for feedback and potential value to our organization.  The Winslow Assessment tool has been a valuable resource in our management development strategy as well as providing our executive team important data points to consider when hiring into management positions.  We hold future plans on applying the Winslow tools to our hourly positions as well.  Over the past year, I believe Winslow has added an important dimension to our organization in both our recruitment and retention strategies.

Tony truly understands employee development and its impact on profitability, and has consistently demonstrated a very high level of customer service and attention.  I highly recommend making an initial phone call to Tony and find out for yourself how he and the Winslow system can help you raise the bar on service levels to your members and improve the overall performance of your workforce."

            – Patti G. Dully, SPHR –Human Resources Director - Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club




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