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Guess Free Selling

Guess Free Selling 2.0 Sales Training - This program is specifically designed to achieve superior behavior transforming results for either sales veterans aspiring to number-crushing performance and shorter sales cycles; or non-sales professional (“doer-sellers”) who are seeking an effective sequential process that also engages them in a personally gratifying sales experience with their prospects, clients and customers.  

GFS 2.0® is also a growth platform for sales teams tasked with complex multi-party selling scenarios as well as cross-selling strategies where collaboration, communications and innovative “prospect-centric” thinking is critical to achieving the credibility and confidence needed to deliver the agreement.

The Purpose of the Program

GFS 2.0® is not intended as a program to "brush-up" your sales force or to provide them with a few new tricks they can use in the field to make them better at persuasion.  The program addresses behavioral change in each key component of sales effectiveness including:

Personal Leadership Proposal
Vision & Goal Setting Agreement
Relationship Management Negotiation
Expectation Management Winning Attitude
Investigation Quality Referrals
Authority Active Listening
Investment and much more…


 GFS 2.0® Product Overview

       •  Facilitators Guide

o   Step-by-step instructions on delivery of the program

       •  Participants Manual

o   Complete 10 session GFS 2.0®study manual/workbook

       •  DVD Tutorial (2 DVD Disks)

o   Selected lectures on key topics in the GFS 2.0®  Process

       •  GFS 2.0® E-Learning Subscription

o   Online training program for interactive, multi-locational deployment

       •   Sales Evolution 'Deal-Coaching' Subscription

o   Live, on-demand GFS 2.0®coaching on tactical and strategic sales issues

        •   Sales Evolution Live: Corporate Sales Training & Coaching

o   GFS 2.0 Sales Assessment Battery

o   Locally delivered GFS 2.0® boot camp and training curriculum

o   GFS 2.0 ® Process Reinforcement System

o   Unlimited, On-Demand Deal-Coaching 

Item Plus

Product List

1. Participant’s Workbook , Price: $199.00   add to cart
2. Everything DiSC Sales Profile Assessment, Price: $79.00   add to cart
3. Facilitator’s Guide, Price: $399.00   add to cart
4. Presentation Slides, Price: $0.00   add to cart
5. Train the Trainer via eLearning, Price: $299.00   add to cart
6. Hire a Virtual Facilitator to present Workshop, Price: $799.00   add to cart
7. Hire a Facilitator to present a Live Workshop , Price: $1499.00   add to cart
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