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Body Language Workshop

Standard Version (2 – 3 Hour Workshop)

Custom Program Includes:

  • Power Point presentation
  • One Body Language Cards Kit
  • Instructions for presentation

Participants will:

  • Become a better leader
  • Make a great first impression
  • Become a better presenter
  • Read people better
  • Improve their negotiation skills
  • Enhance their interviewing skills
  • Influence what your colleagues and clients think of you
  • Learn how to use non-verbal communication effectively to reinforce what we say.
  • Learn how to build trust, rapport and confidence though non-verbal communication.


The presentation is designed to introduce participants to non-verbal communication & body language gestures (target points, positions and postures) concentrating on the arms/hands, body and face including eye contact, eye movement and eye tracking, the hidden power of smile, cultural differences, and more, with an emphasis on consistency between verbal and non-verbal communication and how to build trust, rapport and confidence through non-verbal communication. The presentation is designed to be used as a dynamic workshop, webinar or a formal presentation. Depending on the presenter and the level of interaction chosen, the duration of the presentation will be 2 to 3 hours.

Item Plus

Product List

1. Body Language Workshop, Price: $199.00   add to cart
2. Additional Body Language Card Kits, Price: $24.95   add to cart
3. Hire a Virtual Facilitator to present Workshop, Price: $499.00   add to cart
4. Hire a Facilitator to present a Live Workshop, Price: $1499.00   add to cart
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